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Dive Pembrokeshire UK
& The Dive Lodge

run by Len Bateman

Mid Week Special Interest Breaks.
Tuesday to Thursday.

Mid Week Breaks

Boat Trips.

Marine ID Courses The course runs over three days, usually diving around Skomer reserve or Hen & Chicks. There will be boat dives and some shore diving.
There is so much life around these water and we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. Hen & Chicks is renowned for its diversity of marine life. The Trigger fish visit this particular area every year arriving about August and returning late October. The Sun fish is also another visitor, and quite a few were seen in 1999 and at one point two came down a SMB line and passed two divers below, much to their shock and horror!

Skomer Island with its beautiful sea fans and abundance of marine life will be explored and examined. Diving will be over three days and some of the sites we will be diving will be the Marine reserve at Skomer and reefs like the Hen & Chicks, which is some of the most beautiful in the area. Depending on tides there will be briefings in the morning or afternoon on what types of marine life to look out for.
Identification will be made on those unusually discoveries back at the Lodge, where we have many books available on marine life.

A visit also to Skomer Island is possible, together with a guided tour if you wish to do so. The Island is well worth a visit for its abundance of bird life, including Puffins and Manx Shearwaters.. Three days diving and exploring this wonder world of Pembrokeshire. Course includes qualification.

Learn to identify the species that we take for granted, discover and learn about some of the amazing secrets that the ocean can offer. The course will be run by a marine biologist and a qualification will be given at the end of this course.

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