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Dive Pembrokeshire UK
Run by Len Bateman

Whats on 2020.

Our divers and crew's safety is paramount. We understand you want to get back in the water as all our crew are divers. The social distancing in Wales is 2 metres but we are classed as public transport and can operate with maks etc. We are aware that Upper Neeston bunk house accommodation has closed it's big barn and only opening the small one to family groups only. This means you would need to find B & B with en suites. We can take a maximum of 8 divers and 2 crew. We would have to have all contact details and anyone who has been exposed to someone who has covid within the 2 weeks prior to diving would not be allowed onboard. We are happy to transfer this years bookings to 2021 as a number of our bookings have already done. If you look at our website whats on page all 2021 dates and availability is there. Please contact us if you have an queries.

KEEP SAFE. 11.7.20

HarSmallsd Boat Diving on Predator




There is only one Dive Pembrokeshire & Predator as
featured on BBC, HTV, Channel 4, Radio Spain, and BBC Wales.

We go to the Smalls (weather permitting), a group of rocks 23 miles off shore where you will find many playful seals. The vis here is a lot better, with plenty of wreckage and some great underwater life to be discovered.

Where we deal in quality not quantity, look no further..........

Local weather for West Wales, find us on Facebook


Mid week breaks available special rates apply.

RYA Powerboat Courses Run most weekends and some mid weeks.

Prices held down for another year...rates


Boat Trips.

Diving along the coastal waters of Pembrokeshire

Call Len on 07545 967180 or contact Sue on 07748 971331 to book your place.

RYA powerboat Courses
dates available by demand, up and coming courses are found on page dates

April 3rd / 4th Diving - neaps Available
April 10th / 11th Diving / springs Available
April 17th / 18th Diving - neaps Booked
April 24th / 25th Diving - mids / springs Available
May 1st / 2nd Diving Booked (P)
May 8th / 9th Diving - neaps/mids Booked for small group weekend. Call Sue re spaces available
May 15th / 16th Diving - neaps/mids Booked (P)
May 21st / 22nd / 23rd Diving - neaps Booked
May 29th / 30th Diving / springs Available
June 5th / 6th Diving - neaps Booked (P)
June 12th Diving - mids Available
June 13/14/15/16/17/18 Diving - neaps Booked
June 19th Diving - neaps Booked (P)
June 20th Diving - neaps Booked (P)
June 26th / 27th Diving / springs Available
July 2nd / 3rd (Fri / Sat) Diving - neaps Booked (P)
July 4/5/6/7/8/9 Diving - neaps Booked
July 10th / 11th Diving - mids Booked
July 17th / 18th / 19th Diving - neaps


July 24th / 25th Diving / springs Available
July 31st / August 1st Diving - neaps Booked (P)
August 7th / 8th Diving - mids Available
August 14th / 15th Diving - neaps Booked (P)
August 21st / 22nd Diving / springs Available
August 28th / 29th Diving - neaps Booked (P)
September 1st / 2nd / 3rd Diving - neaps Booked
September 4th / 5th Diving - neaps Available
September 11th / 12th Diving / springs Available
September 18th - 26th   Unavailable
October 2nd / 3rd Diving - neaps Booked (P)
October 9th / 10th Diving / springs Available
October 16th / 17th Diving - neaps / mids Available
October 23rd / 24th Diving / springs Available