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Wrecks of Pembrokeshire:

You have hit the jackpot! Here we have every wreck that sunk around the coastline of Pembrokeshire, most of which are still undiscovered. Use the list for research and good hunting.

Sort after is the Santa Cruz which sank November 1st 1679 off the Pembrokeshire coast, some say in St Brides Bay. It was carrying gold and has never been found. The stories go on and on and there is still much yet to be discovered in Pembrokeshire.

Dive Pembrokeshire run special mid week breaks from Tuesday to Thursday specially to search for wrecks in the area. The best of the tides are choisen which opens a larger window for times to dive. For details of the Wreck Discovery Weeks.

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List of Wrecks in Pembrokeshire. Most of which are still undiscovered.

1543 February UNIDENTIFIED Spanish Sailing Ship In the Haven Carrying Gold. Taken as prize by French, but forced into the Haven by Gale.

1629 UNIDENTIFIED Small Spanish Sailing Ship. Milford Haven Cargo of wheat plundered by Sir John Perrott.

1629 UNIDENTIFIED Small Spanish Sailing Ship Milford Haven Cargo of wheat and wine. Salvaged and sold.

1629 February UNIDENTIFIED Sailing Ship Milford Haven.

1660 March 24th UNIDENTIFIED Sailing Ship Milford Haven

1668 December 16th AMITY. (SOUTHAMPTON). Sailing Ship Ramsey Sound Near St. David's Head Ships anchors failed in storm. Vessel ran ashore near St. David's Head. Locals plundered cargo of mallage wine and fruit.

1669 January 1/8th DELIGHT. (SWANSEA). Sailing Ship Dale. Lost masts and ran ashore. Wine salvaged, Salt lost. Rochelle to Swansea with cargo of wine and salt.

1679 November 1st SANTA CRUZ Sailing Ship Lost off Pembrokeshire Coast Lost off Pembrokeshire Coast

1690 RESOLUTION Fully rigged ship Newgale Blown ashore and plundered by locals.

1703 November 27th PEMBROKE Ketch Milford Haven.

1740 MAYFLOWER Sailing Ship Off Skomer Island Cargo of Salt on its way to Haverfordwest.

1749 January 31st BATCHELOR Sailing Ship St. Bride's Bay

1751 June 14th SEA NYMPH Sailing Ship Near Milford Haven

1752 December 12th LYDIA. Sailing Ship Crow Rock, Linney Head.

1752 December NELLY Sailing Ship Lost off South West Wales Coast. Pembrokeshire ??) Lost off South West Wales Coast. Pembrokeshire ??)

1753 March 26th MARY AND SUSANNA Sailing Ship Smalls Outward bound from Dublin to Bilbao.

December 29th VAINIVER Sailing Ship Near Milford

1755 January 21st HAPPY RETURN Sailing Ship Near Milford Haven.

April 18th MOLLY Sailing ship. Stranded near Haverfordwest. St. Kitts to Haverfordwest laden with 320 hogsheads of sugar.

August 29th PRINCESS AUGUSTE Sailing Ship Near Milford Haven.

1757 September 2nd LA MUETTE. (FRENCH). Sailing Ship Stranded near Dale. Forced to shelter but broke-up. Total wreck Bordeaux to Canada laden with laden with wine, baled goods and small arms.

1758 December. ANNE. Small Sailing Ship Lost near Milford Haven. Lost near Milford Haven. Cork to Bristol.

1771 October 25th NEPTUNE. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

November 5th EL. ???? Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

December 17th NANCY Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

1772 September 25th ROSE. Sailing Ship Off Milford Haven.

1773 January 8th PHOEBE AND PEGGY Fully rigged ship. ????? Porth-y-Bwlch. Solva. Philadelphia to Liverpool.

1774 April 19th ROBERT. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

1775 December 30th UNIDENTIFIED Brig Lost off Tenby. Carrying fruit.

1776 March 19th PRINCE WILLIAM Sailing Ship. Off Milford Haven. Off Milford Haven.

1780 UNKNOWN Sailing Ship Bishops and Clerks.

1789 January 13th WILLIAM. Sailing Ship Lost near Milford Haven. Cadiz to Bristol.

1791 January 4\6th INCREASE. (SCARBOROUGH). Sailing Ship.150 tons. Druidston Haven Driven ashore. From St Kitts, West Indies, with a cargo of gunpower and ordanance gunpowder and ordanance.

1793 November 22nd CAVENDISH. Sailing Ship. Lost off South West Welsh Coast. Lost off South West Welsh Coast.

1793 November 22nd MORVA Sailing Ship. St. David's Head.

1794 November 28th MARIE ELIZABETH Sailing Ship. Near Milford Haven Portsmouth to Bristol.

December 12th JOHN AND MICHAEL. Sailing Ship. Solva. Solva.

1795 February 3rd CHESTERFIELD PACKET Sailing Ship. Near Milford Haven. Waterford to Milford.

December 1st ROSE. Fully rigged ship. ?? St. Bride's Bay. St. Bride's Bay.

December 1st ANNA MARIA Sailing Ship Near Milford. London to Barmouth.

December 29th ELIZABETH AND SARAH. Sailing Ship. Milford. Milford.

1796 April 1st JOHN AND HENRY. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Ipswick to Liverpool.

1797 January 31st PROVIDENCE Fully rigged ship. ??? St. David's Head. St. David's Head.

June. MOLLY Sloop Yacht. On or just off Linney Head. Sloop. Lord Cawdor's Yacht.

December 26th MARY. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Martinique to London.

1806 June 9th. SWALLOW.

1808. January 31st H.M.S. LEDA. 5th rate Man-of-War. 38 guns. West Angle Bay.(South side under cliffs.). Guns thrown overboard. Left Cork, Storm forced vessel to run for shelter at Milford. Stripped apart where she lay by R.D.Y. P/D

1809 August 11th. SLOOP. Sloop Yacht. Near Milford.

1810 December 25th. LINEN HALL Sailing Ship. Druidston Haven/Norton Haven. Outward bound from Dublin to West Indies in ballast.

1812 December 30th FORTITUDE. Brig. Solva. ( Smalls ?? ).

1814 December. SPEEDY. Sailing Ship. St. Ann's Head.

1815 December 19th. WARREN. (CHEPSTOW). Sailing Coaster 2 masted. Ramsey Sound. Homeward bound from Dublin.

1819 January 14th KITTY. (AMERICAN). Fully rigged sailing ship. 300 tons Sank near Fishguard. Abandoned off Liverpool. Travelled South for 3 days. Norfolk., Virginia to Falmouth laden with Tobacco. Weather forced her into Irish Sea.

January. JOHN AND CATHERINE Sailing Ship. Lost off Smalls. Enroute Teignmouth to Glasgow.

January. VENERABLE Brig. 400 tons Came ashore at Newport, Dyfed. Carrying West African palm oil and ivory.

December 16th FLORA. Smack. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

1825 October. HORATIO. Sailing ship. 2 masted. Fishguard Bay. Broke up on rocks after NNE gale. Broke up on rocks after NNE gale.

October 7th. UNIDENTIFIED. Sailing Ship. St. David's.

1828. February 13th SUSANNAH. Sailing Ship. Porthysgi.

February 11th ELIZABETH AND MARY. Sloop. Near Milford. Near Milford.

August 14th. FAME. Sloop. St. Ann's Head.

1829 DORCHESTER. Boat first was stranded at Ragwen Point, Pendine. Beached Tenby and Broke up.

FLORA. Sailing Ship. Off Milford. Off Milford.

July 4th. DILIGENCE. Smack. St. Bride's Bay.

1831 LIBERTY. Sailing Ship. Crow Rock, Linney Head.

July 31st. DOLPHIN. Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound.

September 20th.¦ SISTERS. Schooner. Smalls.

late. ROYAL OAK. Sloop. Near Milford. Near Milford.

1832. May 21st. CORNWALLIS (BT BRISTOL). Sloop. 45 tons. Lost in Saundersfoot Bay

May 19th. SOPHIA. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

November 11th. ALBION. Sailing Ship. Lost off Tenby.To Cardigan. Tenby to Cardigan.

1833 February 19th FELICITA. (SICILIAN). Brig. Outside Sandy Haven Bay. Broke her back. Forced by SW. gale.

February 20th FREEDOM. Schooner. Freshwater West. Wrecked. Newport to Cork.

February 21st FREDERICK. Sailing Ship St. David's Head. [Swansea divers/Royal Navy drivers]. Traded between Britain and West Africa.

February 22nd CAROLINE Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Milford Haven.

February 22nd CATHERINE Sloop. St. David's Head.

March. EAGLE. Sloop. St. Bride's Bay.

March 28th MARY. Sailing Ship. Grassholm.

HOPE (ABERYSTWYTH). Sloop. 56 tons Lost near Tenby

June UNIDENTIFIED Sloop. St Bride's Bay.

September. ANN. (MILFORD). Sloop. Lost off Tenby.

August. 31st. JANE. Sailing Ship. St. Bride's Bay. St. Bride's Bay.

November 29th VENUS. Sailing Ship. St Bride's Bay. St. Bride's Bay.

December ¦ANN. Sailing Ship. Lost off Tenby. Out of St.Clears bound for Gloucester.

December 26th. HOPEWELL. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sloop. St. Govan's Head. Rounding St. Govan's Head she was seen to go down.

PAULINE. Schooner. Whitesands Bay. Cargo of iron bars.

December 28th SEVERN. Sailing Ship. St. Ann's Head. St. Ann's Head.

1834 March VALENTINE Sailing Ship. Sandy Haven, Milford Haven.

March 22nd. EAGLE. (CARDIGAN). Smack. St. Bride's Bay. St. Bride's Bay.

1835 HUNTER. Schooner. Tenby. Tenby.

March 14th LANCASTER. (LIVERPOOL). Fully rigged sailing ship. 353 tons. Sarn Badrig, Cardigan Bay. (Bt Lancaster 1823). Outward bound for Africa with general cargo.

May 16th. MARY. Sailing Ship. Smalls

September. NEPTUNE. (CARDIFF). Brig. St. Govan's Head.

October 8th CARDIGAN SLOOP. Sloop. St. Bride's Bay. St. Bride's Bay.

October 8th DOGSTAR. Smack. St.Bride's Bay.Goultrop Roads

October. WHEATSHEAF (SUNDERLAND). Sloop. Saundersfoot Harbour. North Pier.

1836 January 5th UNIDENTIFIED. Schooner. Musselwick.

February 17th TREVOR. Schooner. Between Saddle Head and Goodwick

WAFT. Sloop. St. Govan's Head.

KING. Sloop. Jack Sound.

1837 April 19th. ALBION. (BRISTOL). Wooden Paddle Steamer. 270 tons. 150'ft. Marloes. (Bt 1831). Driven onto beach. Cork-Bristol.Running southerly thru Jack Sound hit rock, and was then beached.

June 19th. WATERLOO. Smack. Skomer.

October 16th. JANE Sailing Ship. Jack Sound.

1838 February. MARY ANN. Sailing Ship. Dale Roads.

July 2nd. GEORGE THE FOURTH Burthen smack 35 tons. 45'ft long. (Bt 1825). Lost off Tenby.

1839 February 8th EDINBURGH. Sailing Ship. Freshwater West/Linney Head.

February 23rd. NIGHTINGALE. Lydstep. "Being deserted by her crew in the breakers at Lydstep. New Orleans to Liverpool.

February 23rd. DURHAM. Collier Brig. Saundersfoot. Just outside harbour.

February 23rd DORCHESTER Barque. Tenby Tenby

May 11th. INDUSTRIOUS Sailing Ship. Jack Sound.

1840 June 8th. FORTITUDE. (MILFORD). Sailing Ship. St. Govan's Head.

1841 DOVE. Sloop. Freshwater West. Broke her back. Lies to the west and middle of the beach. [Possible ARIADNE renamed sold off from P/D Coal hulk.]

May 27th. FANNY ANNE. Sloop. Off Milford. Off Milford.

June 20th. MARY ANN. Sailing Ship. Freshwater West.

June 12th MOLLY. Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound.

1842 MARY ANN ELIZA. (NEW QUAY). Sloop. 24 tons. Caldey Island.

MORNING STAR. Schooner. Milford.

September 15th MOLLY LLOYD. Sloop. Ramsey Sound.

1843 January 11th. DILIGENCE. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sloop. 73 ton. Grassholm.

June 17th. VELOCITY. Schooner. Crow Rock., Linney Head.

September 1st QUEEN. Schooner. 498 tons. (Bt Bristol 1837/38). Skokholm Island. North East Point. Sank into deep water. Bristol to Dublin.

1844 August 4th RICHARD. Brig Tenby. Wrecked..

August 6th COMMERCE Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound.

1845 February 9th VICTORIA. (YOUGHAL). Schooner. Solva Harbour entrance Vessel slipped off rocks and ended on beach.

June 22nd. PRISCILLA. (ABERYSTWYTH). Schooner. Near Caldey. Ireland to Gloucester laden with oats.

September 23rd. PILGRIM. Sailing Ship. St. Bride's Bay.

October 9th NEW HOPE Sloop. Ramsey Sound.

November 6th GEORGE AND JANE Sailing Ship. St. Govan's Head

LAETITIA. Sailing Ship. Off St. David's Head.

1846 TANTIVY. Schooner Near Milford Haven.

GEORGE. Sailing Ship. St. Govan's Head.

June 20th. AURORA. Sailing Ship. North Bishop.

October 13th. UNIDENTIFIED. Sailing Ship St. Bride's Bay.

October. UNIDENTIFIED. St. Bride's Bay.

October. BRITON. (CARDIGAN). Schooner. 2 masted. Goultrop Roads. Driven from anchor. From Barrow to Cardiff with iron ore.

October 31st. ACTIVE. Sailing Ship Ramsey Sound.

November 20th. VICTORIA. Schooner. Off Solva. Driven onto Green Scar Rock in SW gale.

1847 February 2nd ELIZA Sailing Ship. Caldey Island

1848 November ELIZABETH MARIA Sloop. St. Bride's Bay.

December 6th DISPATCH. Brigantine. Linney Head. Disabled by gale and blown onto rocks. She was out of Prince Edward Island to Wales laded with timber.

December 10th ROYAL GEORGE. (MILFORD HAVEN). Brigantine. Broad Sound.

1848-'53.?? MARY. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sloop. St Bride's Bay/Jack Sound.

1848-'53.?? MARY. (MILFORD HAVEN). Sloop. (Bt Lawrenny.). St. Bride's Bay/Jack Sound.

1849 January. LADY KENMARE. (GLOUCESTER). Brig. Goodwick Sands.

February WAVE. Sailing ship. Linney Head.

July 17th. ANN. (CARDIGAN). Sloop. Jack Sound/Broad Sound/St Bride's Bay.

August 4th. MARY ELLEN. Sloop. Crow Rock, Linney Head.

1850 June 4th. JOHN GUISE. (BT GLOUCESTER 1814). Brigantine. 111 tons. Sledge Rocks off St David's Head.

November 19th MARIA. Schooner. Freshwater West. Pill Point.

December 20th ¦AERON. (CARDIGAN). Schooner. Broad Sound.

1851 March 17th. TERRESA. (MILFORD). Sloop. St. Bride's Bay

June 9th. RUBY. Sloop. Near South Bishop.

September 26th.¦ UNIDENTIFIED Schooner. 15 miles E.N.E. of Smalls

November 27th PEACE. Smack. Lost enroute from Llanelli to Cork.

1852 January 14th. GEORGE AND FRANCIS Schooner. West Angle Bay. Lost after running for shelter. Hit rocks

September 18th UNITY. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sloop. St. Bride's Bay.

October 29th HAWK. Sloop. St. Govan's Head.

November 22nd. MARGARET AND JANE. Sloop. St. Ann's Head

1853 RANGER Sailing Ship. Tenby.

April 1st LIBERATOR Schooner. Milford Haven.

1854 January MARY. Sailing Ship Milford Haven.

October. NAUTILUS. (LAUGHARNE). Sloop. Saundersfoot Bay.

November 7th NORFOLK. Brig. Smalls. Cargo of coal and iron.

1855 February 25th MORNA. Packet steamer. 363 tonnes. North Bishop. Carrying troops from Belfast to Cowes. At approx. 1900hrs she struck North Bishops.

July 16th MARY. Sailing Ship. St. Bride's Bay.

December 18th. AGENORIA. (BIDEFORD). Schooner. 39 tons. St. Catherine's Rock. Tenby. Cargo of Coal.

December 18th. ALEXANDRA. (LE HAVRE). Schooner. Tenby.

December 19th MARY. Sailing Ship. Jack Sound.

1856 February 6th GREAT DUKE. (AMERICA). Sailing Ship. 2000 tons. St. Govan's Head. / Bullslaughter Bay. (west side). New Orleans to Liverpool laden with cotton and general goods.

1856 ?? ANN JONES. (CARDIGAN). Sailing Ship. Milford Haven. Ran down by another vessel.

October 3rd JULES. Ketch. Between Caldey and St. Margarets Island.

December 9th LOUIS MONROE Barque. 300 tons. (Bt 1835). Marloes Sands. Stranded in full SSW gale.

1857 January 24th. SPECULAROR. Smack. Crow Rock./ Linney Head.

April 23rd. ROBERT AND MARY. Schooner. Linney Head.

1858 October 20th BROTHERS. Smack. S.W. of South Bishop.

October PRESERVERANCE. Sloop. 30 tons. Giltar Point. Driven by SW gale.

October 21st. CATHERINE AND JANE. Schooner. Skokholm. Landed on rocks in NE gale. Cargo of stone.

November 23rd. GOOD HOPE. Smack. St. Ann's Head.

December 12th. RESOLUTION. Sailing Ship. Monk Haven.

1859 March 16th. DUKE OF WELLINGTON. Sailing Ship. Ramsey.

September 13th. FRIENDA. (BRIDGEWATER). Brigantine. Caldey Island. Bridgewater to Pembroke Dock.

October 25th. TRUE BESS. Sloop. Goultrop.

October 26th. ORION. Smack. St. David's Head.

October 26th. MARTHA. Schooner. Whitesands Bay.

October 26th. WAVE. (ABERYSTWYTH). (HULK). Schooner. Freshwater West. East side of bay.

November 6th. POLICY. (SUNDERLAND). Brig. Smack. Travayne Cliffs / Monkstone Point.

1860 SPECULATION. Near Milford.

IRIS. (BRISTOL). Schooner. 142 tons. Smalls.

February 28th NIMROD. (CORK). BT.LIVERPOOL 1843). 600 tons.Iron hulled paddle steamer. 3 masted barque. Lost on St. David's Head. Lies adjacent to the Frederick. Out of Liverpool for Cork with a general cargo.

March 16th REQUEST. (SWANSEA). St. Bride's Bay. Cargo of tar.

April 4/5th. SURPRISE. (CARDIGAN). Smack. Milford Haven/Stack Rocks. Beating up Haven in strong winds run down by Dublin Schooner, Isabella.

August 6th. TIVY LASS. Sloop. St. Bride's Bay.

August 28th ELLEN Smack. Ramsey Sound.

December 30th CAMILL. Brig. Flimstone Head.

1861 February 19th HARMONY. (HULK). Brig. Freshwater West. Believed beached.

February 21st AILSA. Barque. St. Bride's Bay.

INDUSTRIOUS. Sailing Ship. Off St. Ann's Head.

September 4th RACHABITE. Smack. Ramsey Sound.

October 5th NEW HOPE. Sloop Off Milford.

October 16th OWEN CAMBRIDGE. Schooner. Smalls.

1862 January 22nd. CORONET. Brig. Near Milford Haven. .....Severe gale end of January....

January 24th ENERGY. (CARDIFF). Brig. Freshwater West. Driven onto rocks North of Bay.

January 24th EUPHEMIE KERNORVANT. FRENCH). Fully rigged ship. St. Bride's Bay. From Pembrey to Roscoff.

January 24th. FORCE OF AGDE. (FRANCE). Brig. 300 tons. Close to Linney Head. From Swansea to Senegal with coal.

January 24th SWAN. Barque. Milford Haven.

January 25th MAYFLOWER Brig. 200 tons. Off St. Ann's Head. See other vessels lost in Jan Storm. Bucket found after storm1862 for i/d. Ships bell found1970's.

End January. UNIDENTIFIED. Large Bark. broad white streak/painted ports Lewis Rock. Floundered in waves

End January. UNIDENTIFIED. Large Brigantine. Just off Turbot Bank.

April 1st. MARS. Paddle Steamer. 373 tons. Linney Head/Crow Rock. During South Westerly Gale. Waterford to Bristol.Cargo of passengers and livestock.

September 25th GYPSEY. Sailing Ship. St. David's.

October 17th OAK. (BELFAST). Sailing Ship. Solva. (off Solva.??).

November. DEFENCE. Trow. Milford Haven.

1863 March 17th FRANCIS. (CARDIGAN). Sloop. Newport. Swept before northerly gale onto local sands

August 14th ELIZA. Sloop. Smalls.

1864 July 4th. EUGENIE. Schooner. St. Bride's Bay.

November 18th UNION. Sloop. Caldey Roads.

November 28th STEVENS. Sloop. Skomer.

1865 January 16th CORDELLA. (PENZANCE). Schooner. Marloes Sands Vessel struck shore. Lay on beam end. Coal Laden. Once coal was washed out vessel believed salvaged.

January 28th. ELIZABETH Schooner. Smalls.

June 10th OSPREY. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sloop Ramsey Island.

October 23rd FRIENDS. Smack. St. David's Head.

October 29th OCEAN. Sloop. Near Caldey Island. Roads.

November 25th MARY. (CARDIGAN). Smack. South shore Tenby.

1866 January 3rd. UNION. Smack. Caldey Roads.

March 15th ELIZA. Schooner. Trewent Cliff/Freshwater East.

March 24th. MONTEZUMA. Barque. Off Milford.

September 11th ELLEN. Smack. St. Bride's Bay.

November 9/10th EGLANTINE. (FRANCE). Schooner. Mill Bay

November 9/10th ELIZA AND MARY. Sailing Ship. Mill Bay.

November 10th. ALFRED ELIZA. (TROUVILLE,FRANCE). Smack. Mill Bay. Carrying coal.

November 9/10th COMMODORE. (RYE). Barque. Mill Bay. Swansea to London with Coal.

November 9/10th ELIZA AND JANE Smack. Mill Bay.

November 9/10th ISABELLA. (ISOBEL).(TRURO). Schooner. Mill Bay. Neath to Plymouth laden with coal.

November 9/10th HOPE. (POOLE). Schooner Mill Bay. Poole to Swansea. Cargo of coal.

November 9/10th KING OF THE FOREST. Brigantine. Mill Bay. Cardiff to Liverpool laden with iron rails.

1867 January 5th FRANCIS. Smack. Ramsey Sound.

January 9th. TRIUMPH Schooner. Milford Harbour.

January. MARTHA. (MILFORD). Sloop. 31 tons Saundersfoot.

April 3rd. ASHLEY. Sailing Ship. Skomer

April 10th. ELIZABETH. Sloop. Jack Sound.

Sept/October FRIENDS. (MILFORD). Sloop Caldey Island.

HANDY. (MILFORD). Sloop. Milford Haven.

HENOY. (MILFORD). Sloop. Milford Haven.

October 26th GOOD HOPE. Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound.

1868 January 8th MYRA. Sailing Ship Jack Sound.

August 22nd. EMILY ANN. Schooner. Caldey Roads.

August 22nd. SARAH PRINGLE. (LIVERPOOL). Schooner. Near Tenby. Driven ashore and wrecked.

August 22nd NAMELESS. (CORK). Caldey Roads.

November 9th FAVOURITE. (ABERYSTWYTH). Schooner. Off Milford.

1869 July 30th. MARVEL. Schooner. Milford Haven.

September 12th JANE AND CATHERINE. Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound.

September 13th AID. Sloop. Ramsey.

October 15th RETRIEVER. (ST. DOGMAEL'S). Sloop. 44 tons. Off Old Castle Head,Nr Tenby.

1870 January 9th. JORDAN. Brig. Lost off South West Wales.??

January 13th PACIFIC. Brig. Lost off South West Wales.??

January 30th KELPIE Brig. Milford Haven.

February. NEW DILIGENCE. Smack. West Wales (?).

May 12th. LOVE. Sloop. Tenby.

September 30th HOPEWELL. Sloop. Ramsey Sound.

October 4th DANTE. Brig. 261 tons. Near Smalls. North of the Smalls. Naples to South Wales.

October 12th TRANSIT. (CARDIGAN). Smack. Ramsey Sound.

October 12th WASP. (CARDIGAN). Sloop. Goultrop.

November 23rd ANNE DAVIES. Smack. Ramsey Sound. St. David's Head. Dragged anchor and fouled Chester/Prima. (below).

November 23rd CHESTER. Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound. St. David's Head. Disabled in storm. Fouled by Anne Davies/Prima.

November 23rd PRIMA. Smack. Ramsey Sound. St. David's Head. Dragged anchor and fouled Chester/Annie Davies.

1871 September 12th DARING Smack. Milford Haven.(Partial loss.).

September 12th OSPREY Smack. Off Milford.

1872 March. TWO BROTHERS. Smack. Off Ramsey.

June 5th MERSEY. (LIVERPOOL). Schooner. Sank off South Bishop.

November 9th HEROINE Schooner. Milford Haven.

November 10th JOHN AND GRACE. (MILFORD). Smack. Goodwick Sands. Driven onto sands after cables parted in NE Storm.

November 10th MARY. (CARDIGAN). Smack. Goodwick Sands. Driven onto sands after cables parted in NE Storm.

December ANNE. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sailing Ship. 83 tons. Saundersfoot Roads Sank at anchor.

1873 ROVER. Ketch. Marros Sands. Carrying coal.

April 10th. FIONA. Sloop. Skomer.

September 10th WILLIAM AND MARY. Smack. Caldey Roads.

September 30th PENRHYN CASTLE. (ABERYSTWYTH). Sailing Ship. (Sm.?). Near St. Ann's Head. Hit by the Irish Mail Steamer

October 22nd SARAH. (STRANGFORD). Schooner. St. Bride's Bay. NW to W gale.

1874 ALARIC. (LIVERPOOL). Sailing Ship. Near North Bishop. 1st sighted one mile west of Green Scar. Bottom-up.

July 23rd. MARY. Sloop. St. Ann's Head.

August 3rd. WILLIAM. (MILFORD). Smack. St. Ann's Head

September 23rd MARY. Sailing Ship. St. Ann's Head.

October 28th AMELIA. LIVERPOOL). Barque rigged Steamship Crow Rock/Linney Head. Said to be ripped open on Crow Rock. Liverpool to Cardiff.

November 3rd. CADWGAN. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven.

PEMBROKE. Barge. Neyland.

1875 January RATTLER. (LIVERPOOL). Barque. 309 tons. Linney Head. Cargo of palm oil, kernels, and ebony.

May 6th TURTLE DOVE. Sloop. Ramsey Sound.

November 14th ELINOR AND MARY. Schooner Goodwick Sands Parted cables, swept onto sands in NE storm.

November 14th INDEPENDANCE. Schooner. Goodwick Sands In NE Gale, parted cables and driven before gale onto beach.

November 14th LAURA. (CAERNARVON). Smack. Fishguard Bay.

November 14th PRINCESS ROYAL. (CARDIGAN). Schooner. Goodwick Sands. Driven onto sands by NE Gale

November 14th SYLPH. Schooner. Goultrop.

November 25th BREEZE. Schooner. Near/(off) St. Ann's Head Sprung a leak and was forced to run for shelter.

November 25th ANTELOPE Cutter. St. Bride's Bay.

1876 February 1st. ANT. (MILFORD). Smack. Sandy Haven.

March 21st SEVERN BROTHERS. (MILFORD). Sloop Skomer.

MAJOR NANNY. Sloop. St. Govan's Head.

May 1st. FIRST BROWN III. Schooner. 8 miles S. Skomer.

June 11th PARAGON Brig. Dale Point.

September 27th UNITY. (NEWQUAY). Schooner Jack Sound.

September 30th PRINCE CADWGAN. [ABERAYON STEAM NAVIGATION CO.STEAMSHIP. 50 tonnes. Schooner rigged. Ramsey Sound. Total wreck on Carreg Fran . Aberaeron to Bristol

1877 February 23rd ADEVETURE. (BRIDGEWATER). Schooner. Fishguard Bay. Driven onto sands by NE gale.

February 23rd B. F. NASH. (NEW YORK). Brigantine. Fishguard Bay Driven onto sands by gale.

February 23rd. GEORGE EVANS. NEWQUAY). Smack. Fishguard Bay Driven onto sands by NE gale

February 23rd SUPPLY. (NEWPORT). Schooner. Fishguard Bay. Driven onto Sands by NE gale.

June 18th PARAGON Brigantine. Angle Bay.

June 27th. OLIVE. Smack. 5 miles off Caldey Island.

November 11th MYSTIC TIE. (ARDROSSAN). Brigantine. 313 tons. Ramsey Island/Ramsey Sound. Cove at North end of Ynyscantwr. Loaded with West Afican Palm Oil bound for La Havre.

1878 January 8th PENSIERRO. Brig. 12 miles S.S.E. Smalls.

April 20th. MARGARET. (BARROW). Schooner. Skokholm. Briton Ferry to Belfast with cargo of coal.

October 9th GEORGE BROWN. Schooner. Angle, Milford Haven.

1879 February 10th CORCYRA. Steamship. 494 tons. Iron Built (1982). Ramsey Sound. Horse Rock.

March 28th. PENELOPE. (FISHGUARD). Smack. 27 tons 10 miles off Stackpole. Fishguard to Newport, Gwent in ballast. Foundered.

May 21st WHITE HAVEN. Tug. Ramsey Sound.

October 19th COURIER. Smack. St. David's.

December 10th COMMODORE. Sailing Ship. Caldey Island.

1880 February 2nd. ELEVENTH LANCHASHIRE. Brig. St. Govan's Head.

March 23rd ALICE Smack. Milford Haven/Little Haven. Loaded with limestone,close hauled, travelling down. Body found at Angle.

April 19th. MARIE. NORWEGIAN). Sailing Ship. St. Bride's Bay. Driven within 1/2 mile of Solva Saved herself by cutting masts and lowering anchors.

August 9th ANN DAVIES. Sloop. St. Bride's Bay.

August 10th FREDERICK STONARD. Schooner Stack Rock, Milford.

September 9th MAGDALENE ANN SOPHIA. Sailing Ship 15 miles S.W.S. off St. Ann's Head.

October 26th WILLIAM AND CAROLINE. Smack. Skokholm.

October 27th JOHN TWIZELL. Brig St. Govan's Head.

November 16th AILSA. (GLASGOW). Steamship. St. Govan's Head. Bristol to Glasgow with general cargo.

November 18th CHARLES. (BRISTOL). Brig. (Bt. Barnstaple.). Off Smalls.

1881 February 17th FOYLE PACKET. Schooner. Stackpole Head.

March 3rd. EOTHEN. Brig. Sandy Haven.

March 30th. EARL OF GLASGOW. Smack. 12 miles W.N.W. of Milford.

April 2nd. BRITISH KING. Steam Tug. 50 tons. Ramsey Sound. Out of Liverpool, working in Milford Area.

April 16th. AMAZONENSE. (LIVERPOOL). 287'x 35'feet. Steamship. 1791 tons. (Bt Southampton 1879). Near Porthgain. Hit rocks on St. David's Head. 51.54.46.N. 05.16.33.W. Liverpool to Le Havre. Carried back on tide to Porthgwyn.

April 29th BALLINALLOCH Schonner. Hats and Barrels. Outward bound with Swansea Coal. Stranded Hats and Barrels Reef. At low tide broke up.

June COMET Sailing Ship South Bishop Comet freed herself, crew boarded, succeeding in making Milford with bad leak.

August 19th BRITTANIA. Smack St. David's Head.

September 10th CLAROVINE. (ABERYSTWYTH). Barque. 245 tons. 3 masted. Close to Pennar Mouth. Carrying Baltic timber. Vessel catches fire. Towed to Pwllcrochan Flats. Vessel total loss.

October. HARRIET R. (LLANELLI). Brigantine. 130 tons Saundersfoot Stranded. Refloated a month later. Plymouth to Llanelli

October 22nd ELIZABETH. BIDEFORD). Ketch. Dale Blockhouse Fort. Ran Ashore.

October 26th. LASS O'GOWRIE. (MILFORD). Sloop. (Bt E.Jarrow,Durham). Marloes Sands. Foundered off.

November 22nd BARBARA Barque. Freshwater Bay. (which.?).

1882 January 4th ARDANMOR. (GLASGOW). Steamship. St. Govan's Head. Dunkirk to Greenock laden with sugar.

January. THOMAS VAUGHAN. (MARYPORT). Iron screw steamer. 645 tons. (Bt Midlesborough 1871). 190'x 27'x 15' feet. Jack Sound.

March 23rd OLINE. (COPENHAGEN). Schooner Cat Rock,Newport. To Glasgow. Caught in N.W. Storm and driven onto rocks.

April 3rd. JANE MORELL. CORK). Schooner. Chapel Bay, Angle. Down stream from Esso Buoy. Collided with steamer whilst at anchor. Vessel was departing the Haven.

April 30th ROE. Schooner. Caldey.

July. ANN. Smack. Milford Haven

November 1st AUSTRIAN BARQUE. Barque. Skokholm.

November 24th ELIZABETH. Sloop. St. David's Head.

December 12th ADA ELIZABETH. Schooner. 77 tons. 20 miles off Caldey. Run-down and lost.

December 16th DAVID Smack. (Built Newport 1830). Ramsey Sound. Anchored off St. Justinians. Carrying clum from Milford to Cardigan.

1883 January 9th ELIZABETH DAVIES. Schooner. Marloes.

January 25th NANTEOS. (ABERYSTWYTH). Schooner. St. Bride's Bay.

January 25th SOLFERINO. (DUBLIN). Schooner. St. Bride's Bay.

February 4th TAUNTON PACKET. Steamship. Bishops.

February 21st ALEXANDRE. (PENZANCE). Ketch. Ran into Rousehole (rear of Giltar) Cargo of coal salvaged. Porthcawl to Cornwall laden with coal.

March 1st. ST. HELEN. CAERNARFON). Brigantine. Off St. Ann's Head. Holed off Bishops returned to Milford. Outward bound for Hamburg laden with Portmadoc Slates.

May 9th STRATHENDRICK. Steamship. 397 tons. Linney Head. Solway Firth to Newport laden with iron ore cargo.

May 14th. CONSERVATIVE. Smack. Smalls.

May COUNTESS. Sailing Ship Off the Pembrokeshire Coast.(???).

September 26th SLANEY Schooner. Dale Roads, Milford Haven. Dragged her anchors in Dale Roads.Driven onto rocks and broke up.

October 15th CATHERINE. Schooner. Lost enroute from Tenby to Newport.

December 10/12th KITTY. Brig. 148 tons. Bt.WhiteHaven 1765.). Near, Smalls. Carrying 224 tons of flint and barreled fish from Dieppe to Runcorn

December 25th SHAMROCK. Steamship. Near St. Ann's Head.

1884 January 2nd BENTUTHER Barque.306 tons.(Bt Sunderland 1863). Grassholm. In ballast form Le Havre to Liverpool

HOUQUE. Barque. North Beach. Grounded at High Cliff.Taken to Harbour.Broke Free. Enroute to Seville with Welsh Coal.

January 29th RHIWABON. Steamship. 1364 tons. Smalls. Near Lighthouse. In Ballast from Fleetwood to Cardiff.

February 19th BERTRAND DU GUESCLIN. (FRENCH). Barque. Tenby. Figurehead in Tenby Museum.

March 4th. CAPT. MCCLURE Steamship. Smalls.

1885 LOYALTY. Schooner. Milford.

February. RELATIVE. Sailing Ship. Lost enroute Newport / Cork.

May 2nd SUMMER CLOUD Schooner. Smalls.

May 19th GUIDING STAR. (LIVERPOOL.). Steam Paddle Tug. 134 tons. 147 feet. Whitesands Beach. South end Struck Horse Rock whilst towing German Barque.Holed. Released barque. Ran for Beach.

December 20th AGENORIA. (BIDEFORD). Schooner. Near Tenby.

1886 February 28th GLENISLA. Steamship. St. David's Head. Clyde to Savona, Italy. laden with coal.

March 3rd. JANE MARIE. (FRENCH). Brigantine. Lydstep. Beach. Bound for Cardiff with pitwood.

December 8th JOHN HALL. Sailing Ship. Milford.

December 8th PORTLAND. Schonner. Milford.

December 8th QUEEN. Ketch. Milford Haven.

1887 January 10th. PIONEER. Sailing Ship. 124 tons. 1/2 mile out from St. Ann's Head. Newport to Cork laden with coal.

March 8th. TYNESDALE. Steamship. Jack Sound. Struck rock in middle. Briton Ferry to Belfast laden with coal.

March/May 20th GEOGRE MOORE. Steamship. 580 tons. (Bt Port Glasgow 1880). Near Smalls. Stranded close to lighthouse From Troon with coal and iron.

June. GULLIVER. Steam Tug. Smalls.

June 4th TERN. (CORK). Steamship. Off Smalls From Liverpool to Amsterdam. Cargo of Palm oil and soap. Run down in fog by Hamburg(1698 ton) from New York to Liverpool.

1888 January 8th MARY E. WADHAM Steamship. Freshwater Bay Struck rocks at low water and stranded. Swansea to Belfast loaded with coal

January.25th OTTONE PADRE Barque. Near or On St. Ann's Head.

February 22nd MARGARET Schooner. 88 tons. (Bt Perth 1857.). Hats and Barrels. From Llanelli to Waterford. Abandoned......

1888 to 1892. ?? RASONA. Steamship. Dale Point.

1889 January 1st JANE OWEN Schooner. Smalls.

May. 21st. BURY. Steamship. 151 Tons. Skokholm Island. Stranded.

May 21st. STAR O'TAY. (SCARBOROUGH). Steam Paddle Trawler. 17 tons. Wood. Lyndsway Rocks,St.Ishmaels,Milford Haven. Leaving Haven vessel sprang a leak.

September 12th THUNDER Steamship Near St. Govan's Head For Belfast loaded with coal.

October 8th RELIANCE. (WEXFORD). Brigantine. Newport. Masts carried away in full gale.

1890 March 28th CLYDESDALE. Steamship. 608 ton. South Bishop. Bound for Dilbao from Glasgow with coal.

August 8th. IDA. Barquentine.(Bt Porthmadoc 1877). Smalls. Carrying Phosphates to Liverpool.

August 28th SAUCY JACK. (TENBY). Smack. 32 tons.(Bt Brixham 1875). Off Caldey Island.

November 7th PRINCESS LOUISE. Sloop. Angle.

November 7th LOUGH FISHER Steamship Smalls In Ballast from Cork to Newport. Collided with unknown vessel, maybe WHITEHALL.

ANNIE PARK . Smack. St. Govan's Head.

1891 March 3rd. SUSANNA BOULET. Brig.(French Barque.). Ramsey South side of Island. Ran Headlong under full sail into Ramsey Island.

April 30th. DRUMBURLIE. Steamship. 2395 tons. Smalls. Sank into deep water. With general cargo from Clyde to Bombay.

June 6th. BERTIE. Ketch. St. Govan's Head.

August 22nd LIZZIE ANNIE. Sailing Ship. Ramsey Sound.

September 16th GWENDOLINE. Ketch. St. Bride's Bay.

1892 January 18th HUMBER. Steamship. 430 tons Between Linney Head and St Govan's Head.(Brimstone Rocks.??). Glasgow to Bristol laden with general cargo. Boiler removed/part salvaged.

February 22nd FENNA WILLEMNA Schooner Near Smalls.

May 14/15th EARL OF ABERDEEN. Barque. 4 masted. 2205 tons. Hats and Barrels. Outward bound from Barry for Montevideo laden with 3099 tons of coal.

May 28th. KOH-I-NOOR. (BT CLYDE). Paddle Steamer. St. David's Head. Holed but saved. Removed to Milford and then to the Thames for repairs.

November 25th. MUSGRAVE Small Steamer. On rocks near Pen Clegyr. Briton Ferry to Dundalk laden with coal.

December THOMAS Smack. Off St. Govan's Head.

1893 March 4th. CAPTAIN COOK Steamship. 250 tons. St. Govan's Head. Enroute for Dublin. Entered onto WNW course to early.

March 13th GODMUNDING. Steamship. Struck St Govan's Head. Escaped with excessive damage to bow.

May 13th. ROWENA. Barque. 874 tons.(Bt Govan 1883). Smalls Cargo of iron ore from Bilbao to Glasgow.

May 14th. YOUNG ALFRED. Fishing Smack. Smalls. Floundered in high seas.

May 14th CONSERVATIVE Fishing Smack. Smalls Floundered off in high seas.

HELVETIA. Steamship. Smalls.

August 26th RJE. (BRIXHAM) Sailing Ship. 22 tons. Off Caldey.

November 11th LIZZIE. Smack. Tenby.

November. 18th EVVIVA. (NORWEGIAN). Barque. 3 masted. Castle Point,under old fort. Fishguard Bay Stern first. Bound for Bristol with timber.

November 18th WARRENPOINT. (NEWRY). Goodwick Sands Drifted onto sands in storm.

December 8th ELLAN.(CAERNARVON). Schooner Grassholm Island. North-western tip of Grassholm. Bound for Cardigan with timber from Norway. Laid in Milford for shetler.

1894 January 30th LOCH SHIEL. (GLASGOW).(BT GLASGOW 1877). Fully rigged ship. 1277 to 1218 tons. 3 masted. Wood & Iron. 225' x 36'x 21ft. S.Side of Thorne Island.25.M.out. 51.41.47.N. 05.07.07.W. O.S.Map Ref: 157 Chart 2878 Height: 2-4 metres State: Broken up Sea Bed: Rock & Kelp Glasgow to Adelaide (Austrralia) with 7000 cases spirit and general cargo. Including bottles. Ribs still standing. Thorn Island Hotel believed owners. Well broken & dived.

March 19th MARTHA JANE Neath Schooner. Approx. 20 tonnes. Ramsey Sound Cargo of Pitprops. Sailed from Aberaeron. Driven ashore Pencarnon.

April 8th OGMORE Steamship. Near Milford.

April 29th SUNLIGHT. Steamship. Near North Bishop.

July 2nd UNIDENTIFIED Sailing Ship. Near Skokholm.

October 30th TORMES. SPANISH FLAGGED).(EX BRITISH). Steamship. Crow Rock. Broke in two and sunk. Malaga to Liverpool with cargo of fruit and wine.

1895 January 30th PAULSILIPPO. Sailing Ship. Milford.

March 23rd SARAH AND ELIZABETH. Schooner. Linney Head.

May 12th ALLENDALE. Steamship. Skokholm Island. Stranded. Penarth to Liverpool loaded with coal.

July 25th. MOGADORE. Steamship. Hats and Barrels.

July 26th. ANGELICA. Steamship.(Large steamer.??). Skokholm Island. Stranded. Carrying Bordeaux pitprops to Barry.

November 10th HIGHLAND HOLM. [HOME].(GLASGOW). Iron Barque. 1298 tons. Freshwater West. Stranded. Broke loose in SW 12. Fleetwood to London in Ballast. Under tow

November 15th. UNIDENTIFIED. North Bishop. (19th..). St. David's Coastguard noted lights. Vessel drifting Northwards on flood tide. Gem lifeboat failed to locate.

December 18th PATTIE Schooner. S.W. of Smalls.

December 22rd EAGLET Schooner. 15 miles S. Smalls.

December 25th JOHN WILLIAMS. Schooner. 16 miles N.W. of Smalls.

1896 January 2nd. CAROLINE. Schooner. Milford Haven.

February 18th TRIAD. Barge. Milford Haven.

March 19th. EUPHEMIA. Schooner. Old Castle Head.

September 25th SALUS. (SHOREHAM). (BT SOUTHWICK SUSSX 1863). Barquentine.3 masted. 264 tons. Strumble Head. WNW. of Porthsychan Beach. 52.01.44.N. 05.03.13.W. Lost in NNE gale, in Bay east of old coastguard lookout.

October 8th UNIDENTIFIED Barque Skomer.

October 8th SEA KING. (CARDIFF). (NORWEGIAN FLAG). Barque Stackpole Quay/Stackpole Head. [SE gale.]. For Brazil with 1900 tons of Cardiff Coal.

December 16th BOREAS Schooner. Smalls.

1897 February 1st DATURA Steamship. Smalls.

March 12th. HANNAH. Sailing Ship. Near Milford Haven.

July 25th HIBERNIA. Paddle Steamer. Smalls. Westerly gale. Enroute to Bristol breakers yard. Parted tow with tug Kestrel.

December 21st READY RHINO. Schooner. 20 miles W. of Smalls.

1898 January 21st MARECA.(BRITISH). Cargo Steamship. 2211 tons. Between Linney Head and West of St. Govan's Head. Cork to Newport in Ballast.

August 21st BARON ARDROSSAN.(ARDROSSAN).(BT WHITBY 1881). Steamship. 1451 tons. 243'x 34'ft. Porthgain. Sailed directly into rocky cove. 51.56.26.N. 05.12.06.W. Glasgow to St. Malo, laden with coal. (ex Emile 1891/98).

September 23rd AGNES FRASER Schooner. Whitesands Bay.

December 8\9th ROSTREVOR Steamship. Ramsey Sound. On Passage to Belfast.

1899 March 29th LE MARECHAL LANNES. Barque. (3 masted) maiden vovage. Near Grassholm. In shallow water with list to port. East/North side. Left Swansea for San Francisco with 3000 tons of coal.

1900 HUMBER Brimstone Rocks.

MERSEY. Steamship. Grassholm.

February 16th CASHIER. (ANTWERP). Barque. St. Bride's Bay. Crew and Passengers taken off at Goultrop. Outward bound from Cardiff to Table Bay loaded with 1800 tons of coal.

February 26th CERES Schooner. Caldey Island.

December 29th BORG. Schooner. Milford Haven.

1901 February 13th JOHN JAMES Sloop. Jack Sound.

July 10th LORD ROBERTS. Sailing Ship. Milford Haven.

MASTERPIECE. (LOWESTOFT). Fishing Ketch. 51 tons. Monkstone Point. Stranded and wrecked.. Fishing out of Tenby

September 21st WATERWITCH. Steamship. Jack Sound.

October 22nd HOPE Schooner. 5 miles West of St. Ann's Head.

1902 March 2nd. HARRY RUSSELL. Schooner Skokholm.

March 5th. RELIANCE. (WEXFORD). Schooner. 2 masted Smalls. Stranded on rocks beneath lighthouse Salvaged by W.Rouse in1902.

May 11th. CYNOCH. Steamship. Hats ans Barrels

May 25/26th CHARLES WALKER. (WEXFORD). (BT 1839). Schooner. 44 tons. Off St Govan's Head. Sank after collision. Trading in coal from Newport to Wexford

August 20th. RESULT. Ketch. Solva.

August 22nd. PECHERIES. FR 17. Motor Ferry Vessel. Ramsey Sound.

September 27th MAIN. Ketch. Jack Sound.

November 14th CYMRO. Ketch. Milford Haven.

November 29th MUDMAN. Barge. Angle Point.

December 4th. DREADNOUGHT. Schooner. 5 miles N.N.E. Skomer.

1903 January 17th RUBENS. Barque. 1 mile S.W. of St. Ann's Head.

January 25th GRAFFOE. GRIMSBY.). (BT W.HARTLEPOOL 1892). Steamship. 2996 tons. 314'x 40'x 21'ft. S.End Ramsey Island. **.51.01.N. 05.20.00.W Drove onto rocks near N. End (east) Ynys Bery. Outward bound from Glasgow to Buenos Aires with coal.

April 25th FAWN. Smack Jack Sound.

December 15th COUNT D'ASPREMONT Steamship.Iron Horse Rock, Ramsey Sound. Dublin to Newport.

1904 January 20th ESPERANZA. Crow Rock.

May. EDITH CROSSFIELD Barque/Sailking Ship. North Bishop. Bound from London to Lancaster.

1905 December 31st COMMODORE Smack. St. Ann's Head.

1906 SHAMROCK. Pen-y-holt Stack.

January 11th KELLY. Ketch. Tenby.

February 16th CHRISTINE Ketch. Lost enroute Wexford to Milford Haven.

May 30th PALESTINE. (MILFORD). Fishing Smack. 68 tons. 8 miles W.S.W. Smalls.Floundered.

July 23rd. WILLIAM KEITH. (CAERNARFON). Sailing Ship.78 tons. (Bt Port Dinorwic1859). 3 to 4 miles off the Smalls Light. Collided with Swansea Steamer.

August 20th PRINCESS IRENE. (LIVERPOOL). Steamship.352 tons.(Bt Dundee 1891). On Linney Head/Brimstone Rocks. Hanging Tar Rocks. Aberdeen for South Wales. Rounding Smalls course to close to Linney.Broke her back. Said to lie adjacent to the Humber.

September 13th RESOLUTE. (MILFORD). Steam Trawler. Fishing Grounds ??? Damaged days earlier by collision with Ketch IRENE. near Head's.

Novemebr 14th ROSS Steamship. 800 tons Bishops and Clerks/North Bishops. Holed Ballyferris Point (Irish Coast);abandoned stranded North Bishop

1907 November 2/3rd NETHERHOLME. (CARDIFF). (BT.SUNDERLAND 1888). Steamship. 1285 tons. Penyholt Stack, Linney Head. Adj to reef. Hit coast head-on. Maryport to Cardiff. Capt.thought he was passing N. of Lundy. Salvaged, inspected and scrapped. 1907.

December 29th CAMELIA. (GUERNSEY). Schooner. Chapel Bay, Angle side of ESSO buoy Milford Haven. Whilst lying at anchor in Chapel Bay was in collision with unknown trawler.

1908 January 11th TANTALLON CASTLE. (MILFORD). Trawler. 12 miles off Smalls.

1908 September 28th SZENT ISTVAN. Steamship. 2215 tons. 285 feet long. Ramsey Island. Hit southwest extremity. 51.51.24.N. 05.20.55.W. Oporto to Glasgow carrying 3500 tons of flour.

1909 July 17th. DOVEY BELLE. (ABERYSTWYTH). Schooner. 2 masted. Near Grassholm.

August 5th LANGTON GRANGE. (LONDON). (BT BELFAST 1896). Steamship.5852 tons.4 masted. 420'x 54'ft. North Bishop.(Submerged Bell Rock). 51.54.14.N. 5.22.35.W. Clyde to Newport in ballast.

August 11th MANSTON. Steamship. 4025 tons. Smalls lighthouse. Salvage vessel working on Langton Grange towed vessel off successfully.

*1909 September 28th SZENT ISTVAN Steamship. Ramsey. (see 28/Sept/1908.??).

1910 GLYNDWR Dale.

1910 July 10th. DALSERF. (GLAGOW). [OWNED MIDDLESBOROUGH]. Steamship.1849 tons.(Bt Stockton-On-Tees1909). Grassholm. South East side. 51.43.44.N. 05.28.32.W. From Penarth to Oban loaded with Coal.

October 12th DEMOCRAT. (BARNSTAPLE.). Ketch. Ramsey Sound.(see 12th/Jan/1911.?) Dragged anchor in N.E.wind. Drifted S.W. Lifeboat Gem lost in rescue.

October 12/13th GEM. R.N.L.I. Lifeboat. Ramsey Sound. The Bitches. St. David's Lifeboat.

December 8th ATLAS. St Ann's Head.

1911 January 12th. ABNES CRAIG. Fishguard Bay

January 12th DEMOCRAT. Fishgauard Bay. (see 12/Oct/1910.?)

January 12th DYNAMO. Steamship. Fishguard Bay. Lost two anchors in storm. Drifted to shore.

January 12th FISHGUARD. Fishguard Bay.

January 12th LIZZIE EDITH.(TRURO). Schooner. 2 masted. Fishguard Bay. Cargo of coal

October 7th. SARAH MACDONALD. Schooner. Off Smalls Ran aground sails fully set, re-floated herself and sank. Cargo of China Clay.

December 28th DREDGER NO.7. [NEW UNIT UNAMED]. Steam Dredger. Ashore under Linney Head. Adj. to flat rocks. Left, Renfrew Towed by2 Dutch Tugs. Broke free. Total wreck.

1912 October 29th TENET Steel Steamship.603 tons.187'x 29'x 12' ft. (Bt Belfast 1910). Lost 3 miles off Skokholm. Capsized and sank. Newport to Londonderry, cargo of coal.

December 12th EAGLE. Sloop. Milford Haven. (18th.??).

1913 May 24th. CAMBRO. (CARDIFF) Steamship. 1918 tons. Smalls Rock. South side. 51.43.07.N. 05.40.10.W. From Spain to Garston with iron ore.

August 5th PEARL. Brigantine. Smalls.

September 29th PORTHGAIN Steamship. Jack Sound.

1914 August 15th ELLERBECK. (NEWCASTLE). (BT 1910). Steamship. 1499 tons. 245'x 36'ft. Hats and Barrels Reef Barry to Pentland Firth with 2000 tons of coal.

August 22nd ALPHA. (BRIXHAM). Trawler. Off St. David's Head From Milford Haven for Cardigan Bay fishing grounds.

September 6th ENDCLIFFE. (SUNDERLAND). Steamship. Beached Porthmelgan Preston to Llanelli with 300tons of scrap iron.

1915 March 27th AGUILA Steam liner. 47 miles S.W. of Smalls. Outward bound for Lisbon and Canary's. Torpedoed by Baron Von Forstner's U.28.

March 28th FALABA. Steam Liner. 38 miles W. of Smalls Enroute from Liverpool to Sierra Leone. Torpedoed by Baron Von Forstner's U.28.

June 8th. EXPRESS (BT. 1883 AS PADDLE CONVERT'D SAIL). Schooner. 3 masted. 115 tons. 44 miles S.S.W. of Smalls.

June 8th. SUSANNAH. Sailing ship. 40 miles S.S.W. of Smalls Victim of U Boat attack.

June 12th. BELLGLADE. (TONSBERG). Barque. Iron Hulled. Towed into St. Bride's Bay and capsized. Nova Scotia to Sharpness laden with deal. Sunk by Sub U.35. (enemy action). Hit by 3 shells. 70 miles WSW of St Ann's Head

June 12th. CROWN OF INDIA. (LIVERPOOL). Sailing Ship. 4 masted. 70 miles W.S.W. of St. Ann's Head. Torpedoed 36 hours out of Barry with full sails set. By U.35. From Barry to Pernambuco,Brazil laden with coal.

June 15th. STRATHNAIRN. Steam ship. 25 miles N.by E. of Bishops/Clerks. Sunk by enemy submarine.

June 27th. ? NDRANI. Steam ship. 40 miles of Smalls. Sunk by enemy submarine.

June 28th. DUMFRESSHIRE Barque. 25 miles S.W. of Smalls. Sunk by enemy submarine.

July 9th ELLESMERE. (MANCHESTER). Steam ship. 48 miles S.W. Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy submarine.

July 9th. ITO. (RUSSIAN). Tanker. 48 miles S.W. of Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy submarine.

August 17th GLENBY. Steam Collier. 30 miles N. of smalls. Torpedoed by U.38. Max Valentiner.

August 17th THE QUEEN. Steam Collier. 40 miles N.N.E. of Smalls. Torpedoed by U.38. Max Valentiner.

August 17th THORNFIELD. Steam ship 25 miles N.N.E. of Smalls. Torpedoed by U.38.

November 11th CORNISH LASS. North Beach Tenby.

November 13th CALBURGA. Barque. 3 masted Pen Brush, Strumble Head. Bound for Liverpool with Nova Scotia timber.

1915 November 13th CAUTIOSE Steamship. Goodwick Sands.

November 13th DINORWIC. (CAERNARVON). Steamship. Goodwick Sands.

November 13th ECHO. (BRISTOL). Steamship. Goodwick Sands.

November 13th EMYLN. (CARDIFF). Coaster. Under French Walk, Fishguard Harbour.

November 13th FLORA. (MILFORD). Ketch. Under French Walk, Fishguard Harbour.

November 13th FORMOSA. (NORWEGIAN). Barque. 3 masted. North Bishop/Near Ramsey. Bound for Liverpool with Nova Scotia timber. Crew abandoned vessel. Salvaged and taken to Hazelbeach, but destroyed by fire.

December 14th SUSANNA. Patrol Drfter. Royal Navy. Off St. Ann's Head. Foundered in gales.

December 25th VAN STIRUM. Steam ship. 3284 tons. 8 miles S.S.W. of Smalls Torpedoed by enemy submarine.

December 27th FERNDALE. Patrol Drifter. Royal Navy. St. Ann's Head. Turned into Haven. One person washed overboard. Foundered in gale. Struck rocks below St. Ann's Head and sank.

December 27th LADYSMITH. Patrol Drifter. Royal Navy. Off St. Ann's Head Foundered in gale.

December 31st SATRAP. (NEWPORT). Collier on hire to Admiralty. Near or off Manorbier. Lost with all hands. Had sailed from Barry.

1916 March 22nd. FIREFLY. (ABERYSTWYTH). Small Steamship. Wrecked in Tenby Harbour. On return from Caldey Island during Gale.

March 27th ANNIE. (TENBY). Ketch. Tenby. North Sands.

April 3rd. PECHEUR. Patrol Drifter. Royal Navy. Off Smalls. Sank after collision.

September 2nd. KELVINIA. Steamship. 9 miles S.by W. of Caldey Island. After hitting enemy sea mine.

September 23rd FAITH Sailing Ship. St. Ann's Head.

September 26th H.M.S. LOCH SHIEL. Minesweeper. (ex Aberdeen Trawler). Off St. Ann's Head. Blew up and sank off Milford Haven.

October 2nd VARAZZA. Steamship. Smalls.

December 26th AGNES. Sailing Ship. 15 miles S.W. by W. of St Ann's. Sunk by enemy U Boat.

1917 February 11th LYCIA. Armed Merchantman. 25 miles N.E. by N. of South Bishop. Sunk by enemy U Boat.

February 11th OLIVIA. Cornish Coaster. 25 miles N. of South Bishop. Sunk by enemy U Boat.

February 11th VOLTAIRE. LIVERPOOL). Steam ship. 25 miles N.E. by N. of Smalls. Carrying food and provisions.

February 12th PINNA. Tanker. Beached Milford Haven. Torpedoed twice. Torpedoed by enemy U Boat.

February 13th FRIENDSHIP. (MILFORD). Fishing Smack. Off Smalls. Sunk by enemy U. Boat.

February 13th ZIRCON. Fishing Smack. 26 miles S.W. of Smalls. Sunk by enemy U Boat.

February 14th INISHOWEN HEAD. (BELFAST).(BT 1886). Barque. 4 masted. 3050 tons. Steel. 1.25 miles off Skokholm Island. Sunk by enemy U.Boat.

February 15th AFTON. 23 miles N.by E. of Strumble Head. Boarded by U.Boat Crew and sunk by explosives.

February 20th ?EYSIAN. (LIVERPOOL). Cargo Ship. 4703 tons. 7 miles off Strumble Head. Belfast to Cardiff in ballast.

February 24th CYMRIC PRINCE. (ANGLO-BELGIQUE). Steamship. 3445 tons. 340 feet. North Bishop. Ran aground and sank. Carrying iron ore to Hartlepool

February 26th HANNAH CROASDELL. Steamship. 4 miles W.3/4.N. of St. Ann's. Struck an enemy mine and sank.

March 1st. DRINA. Steamship Liner. West of Skokholm Island. On hire to Admiralty as Hospital Ship. Torpedoed by enemy U.Boat.

March 1st DUNNET HEAD. Steamship. Milford Haven.

March 9th INVERLOGIE. Barque. 4 masted. 15 miles S.W. of Smalls.

March 9th. CHELMSFORD. Barque. 15 miles S.W. of Smalls.

March 25th EVANGEL. Minesweeping Trawler. Off St. Ann's Head. (24th.??). Sunk after hitting mine off the port.

March 29th. GLENFEADON. Schooner. 8 miles S.W. St.Ann's Head.

April. BORROWDALE. Barque. 3 masted. Iron. Off South Pembrokeshire. Outward from Newport. Sunk by enemy U-Boat.

April 17th DANTZIC. Coaster. 30 miles S. by W. of St Ann's. Sunk by enemy U-Boat action.

April 17th WILLIAM SHEPHERD. Sailing Ship. 30 miles S. by W. of St. Ann's. Sank by enemy U-Boat action

May 4th. STRUMBLE. (MILFORD) Q Ship. Fitted with 12 pounder gun. 10 miles N.N.E. of Strumble Head. Sank by enemy submarine U-65. Entered service June 1916.

May 4th. VICTORIOUS. Fishing Smack. 10 miles N.N.E. of Strumble Head. Sank by enemy submarine U-65. Together with Q ship Strumble.

May 21st. COLONIAN. Steamship. 6440 tons. North Bishop. South end of reef. Boston to London. Ran aground and subsequently sank

May 29th. BESTWOOD. Admiralty Collier. 12 miles S.W. of South Bishop. Sank after collision.

August 11th GLORIOSA. Fishing Smack. 12 miles S. by W. of Caldey Island. Sank by enemy U-Boat action.

August 12th ELEAZER. Fishing Vessel. 25 miles S.W. by W. of St. Ann's Head. Shelled by enemy U-Boat.

September 15th SAINT JACQUES. (FRANCE). Steamship. Off St. Ann's Head. Believed mined by U-Boat UC-51.

October 3rd HURST. (GLASGOW). Steamship. Armed merchantman. Off Skokholm Island/Off Milford Haven. Torpedoed 2 miles off Skokholm Island.

October 15th ACTIVE III. Admiralty Patrol Drifter. Off St. Ann's Head. Believed mined by enemy U-Boat.UC-51.

October 20th IONIAN. [ALLAN SHIPPING LINES]. Steamship. 8268 tons. Off St. Govan's Head. (Two miles West of.?).Huntsman's Leap. Offically hit by mine or torpedo from UC.51.or hit Crow Rock.

November 6th. PRIDE OF WALES. Motor Vessel. Newgale.

November 18th GISELLA. Sailing Ship. Collier. 2 miles South of Skokholm Island. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

December 12th. CHARLESTON. Collier. 30 miles W. of Smalls. Sank by enemy U-Boat. 2 gunners taken prisioner.

December 22nd COLEMERE. Merchantman. 2120 tons. 35 miles. W. of Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

December 24th PANDA. (GLASGOW). Steamship. N.W. of Smalls. Waterford to Llanelli with scrap iron.

December 28th LORD DERBY Steamship. Collier. 3767 tons. 7 miles S.W. by S. of St. Ann's. (SWS/SW). Possible enemy action. Torpedoed or mined. Lies seaward side of the turbot bank.

1918 January 2nd BOSTON CITY Steamship. ???. 11 miles W.1/2 N. of St.Ann's Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

January 3rd. JOHN. Trawler. 20 miles S.W. of Smalls. [Rammed by Belgian Trawler.] Whilst night fishing rammed by the Van De Burgh. John's engine room exploded.

DIEGRENE. Steamship. Outside Milford Haven.

February 24th RENFREW. (FORMERLY GALAVALE). Steamship. 3830 tons. 8 miles S.W. of St. Ann's Head. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

March 14th. MARGARET AND ANN. Sloop St. Ann's Head.

March 23rd JANE GRAY. Sailing ship. 14 miles N. by W. of Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

March 24th JOHN G. WALTER. Sailing ship. 20 miles S.W. of Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

April 7th. BOSCASTLE. Steamship. 14 miles North of Strumble Head. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

April 12th. WILSON. Sailing Ship 10 miles of Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

April 16th. SELECT. Admiralty Patrol Drifter. Off St. Govan's Head. Sank after collision.

April 21st LANDONIA. 27 miles N.by W.1/2 W. of Strumbel Head. Sank by enemy action. Captain taken prisioner.

April 3rd ETHEL. Sailing Ship 19 miles N. 3/4 E. of Smalls. Shelled by enemy U-Boat.

April 26th GRESHAM. Cargo ship. 18 miles N.W. by N. of Strumble Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

May 9th. (19h.??). BARON AILSA. Collier on Hire to the Admiralty. 18 miles W.N.W. of Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

May 9th. WILEYSIKE. Steamship. 2501 tons. Collier. 8 miles S.W. of St. Ann's Head. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

May 25th SAPPHIRE Steamship. 2 miles West of South Bishop.

June 9th VANDALIA. Cargo ship. 18 miles W.N.W. of Smalls. Torepedoed by enemy U-Boat.

July 3rd FLORRIE.(Bridgewater). Trading Ketch. 94 tons. Off Linney Head/St. Govan's Head. Said to have been ripped open by Crow Rock.

August 24th VIRENT. Steamship. 38 miles W. by S. of the Smalls. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

August 27th ANT CASSAR. Steamship. 30 miles N.N.W. of Strumble Head. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

September 16th SERULA. 13.5 miles N.E.1/2 N. of Strumbel Head. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

September 26th TAMPA. (America). USS. Coastguard Cutter. South Pembrokeshire/Bristol Channel. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

October 4th HIRANO MARU. (Japan). Liner. Irish Sea / S/W Pembrokeshire. Possible FreshWest ?? Deep water ?? Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

October 16th PENTWYN. Steamship. 20 miles N.E. by N. of Smalls. South Bishop. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat.

October 20th. EMILY MILLINGTON. Sailing Ship. 13 miles N.N.E. of South Bishop. U-Boat's final victim. Captured and sank by gunfire from German U-Boat.

December 15th MARGARET ANN. Steamship. Freshwater Bay. (which.??)

1919 August 26th. REVENGER. Tug. Smalls Preston to Falmouth. Turned turtle in westerly gale.

1920 March 14th. MARGARET AND ANN. Sloop. St. Ann's Head. (see 14th/March/1918. + Dec/15th/1918.??).

TAMURA. Trawler. On the rocks between Castlebeach and St. Ann's Head.

December 3rd HERMINA. (Rotterdam). Schooner 3 masted. Needle Rock,Fishguard Bay. Sheltering during storm dragged anchors.Broke up by hitting Needle rocks.

1921 January 17th H.M.S. MARJORAM. Sloop Steamship. 1290 tons. 'Anchusa'class. Bt Greenock & Grangemouth 21.12.1917. Lost on Flimstone Head/Linney Head. She was to have been renamed President, drillship,1921, but was wrecked on passage to Haulbowline to fit out: wreck sold8.9.21.

September MERIDIAN. Ketch\Schooner. (Bt Aberystwyth 1858). Stranded on Smalls. Lost unmanned without crew. From Par to Runcorn. She ran aground in fog, abandoned,freed herself & sailed across St.George's Chal. Sank off Irish Coast.

September 12th CAISTER CASTLE. Iron Steamship. 109 tons. Off Tenby.

1922 April 16th LUSITANIA 1. (Portugal). Motor Schooner. 3 masted. Off Cemaes Head. Disappeared 8 miles from Fishguard. Carrying pitprops. 18 miles North. Crew set fire to tar barrels igniting ship

September 13th E.39. Submarine. 51.41.24.N. 5.09.18.W. 51.41.4N. 05.09.3W. Watwick Bay, Milford Haven. (south side of bay, off and below steps.). Built by Palmer 9.11.16. Sold to S.Wales Salvage Co; foundered whilst in tow. Was blasted and scrap removed, part still remains. In 8-10 metres. Sand bottom.

1923 January 31st MAR DEL PLATA. (Spain). Steam Cargo ship. Hats and Barrels. Clyde to Bilbao with coal.

1923 February 26th TEVIJA. (Russian). Schooner. Off Tenby.

1924 December 25th WILLEMOES. Schooner. 3 masted. Freshwater West. On rocks under cliff (vertical strata on cliff).

1925 January 25th TERRIER. Schooner. St. Ann's Head.

1925 January 26th OLIVE BRANCH. Schooner. Dale Point.

1926 January. EMANUELLE. Steamship. Ramsey Sound.Opposite the "Bitches".

1927 April 18th. WRESTLER. Steam Tug. Freshwater West / Linney Head. Refloated by the Henry Dundas and brought into Milford.

1927 December 9th. PORTLAND. Schooner. 54 ton. Porthlysgi Bay. Enroute from Porthain to Pembroke loaded with stone.

1928 February 10th. ARRAVALE. Smack. Milford Haven.

1928 February 27th ALICE WILLIAMS. Schooner. 2 masted topsail. 132 tons. 88'feet long. (Bt Llanelli 1854). Skokholm Island With cargo of Coal struck rock near Milford Haven. Fully set, she was abondoned by crew. Sailed into Skokholm. WRECKED.

1928 December 1st LEADER. (Gloucester). Ketch. Flimston Head. Passing the Head under full sail hit submerged wreckage. Carrying 120 tons coal.

1929 GERARD. Steamship. Ramsey.

1929 November 25th MOSELEY. (London).(Bt Stockton on Tees 1899). Steamship. 3809 tons. 348'x 50 x 26'ft. Middle Island.SE.side. (ex Rokeby). 51.44.02.N. 05.15.39.W. 51.44.05.N. 05.15.65.W. Left Manchester with water ballast for Cardiff. Ran into Gales, anchors failed, taken by swell broadside onto SE corner Middle Island. Bottom Rock and Kelp. OS 157 Chart 1482. Well broken. Approx 9 metres out of cave. HW slack. Lost prop.

1929 November 25th LUCY. Schonner. Milford Haven.

1929 December 6th--13th H.M.S. TORMENTOR. Destroyer. 'R' class. .5 Mile East of Priest's Nose. Manorbier. Bt by Stephen22.5.1917. Sold 7.11.29 to King. Broke away from tow. Sherness to Troon.

1931 LIBERTY. Sailing Ship. Crow Rock/Linney Head.

1931 November. MAVALS. Trawler. Milford Haven.

1932 May 21st PERSEVERENCE. (Dublin). Schooner. 2 masted. 98 tones. (Bt 1882). Skomer Island. Pinkstone Bay. On passage to Newport,Gwent, to load coal. Rounding Skomer from St. Bride's for shelter, tide took vessel onto rocks.

1933 May 2nd. ENGLISHMAN. (Bt Glasson Dock 1857). Schooner.3 masted/double topsail rig. 144 tons. St. Bride's Bay. Spung a leak and Foundered.

1933 October 18th FOXHOUND. Motor Ferry Vessel. Mill Bay, Milford Haven.

1933 November 13th JAMES ROCKBREAKER. (London). Steamship dredger. Freshwater West.[on rocks].

1934 March 15th. HEREFORDSHIRE. (Liverpool). (Bt Belfast 1905). Twin Screw Steamer 4 masted. 5905 tons. 452' x 54'ft. Cardigan Island NW side. 52.08.00.N. 04.41.18.W. Dartmouth to Glasgow for scrap. Towed by tugs Wrestler/Chieftain.

1934 August 1st. KUMAKI. Motor Vessel. Tenby.

1936 January 5th SEA BREEZE. (SHORE BREEZE???). (Lowestoft). Motor Fishing Vessel. Trawler/Drifter. Under cliffs at St. Ann's Head, during 90 mph gale.

1936 January 5th HEMATITE. Steamship. Middle Bishops

1936 January 6th ETHEL MAY. (Chester). Topsail Schooner. Dale Roads. Lost in Easterly Gale.

1936 February. NELLIE FLEMING. Topsail Schooner. 3 masted. Lost off South Pembrokeshire. On passage from Lydney to Youghal. Wreckage found off Milford Haven.

1936 June 10th RECLAIM. Steamship. West Angle (stranded).

1938 January 15th FERMANAGH. (Belfast). Steamer. 2 miles East of Monkstone Point. Holed on Woolhouse Rocks. Enroute Drogheda to Llanelli.

1938 October 23rd. LONSDALE. (Swansea). Steamship. Middle Island. SE Corner. 51.44.02.N. 05.15.39.W. or 51.44.09N. 05.15.44. Lies adjacent to SS. Moseley. Ireland to Padstow. Low on fuel. Took on extra coal at Martin's Haven. Passing through Jack Sound steering was lost, hit Crabstones Reef. Lies in middle of bay. Almost shows on LW. Well broken. Salvage has been undertaken.

1939 November 1st MERVYN Cargo Steamship. 10 miles S.E. Smalls. Barry to Lisbon with coal. Collision with Langleeford.

1939 January 17th EGLANTINE. Schooner. Milford Haven.

1939 March 16th. Sailing Ship. Freshwater East.

1940 January 27th ADAMANTIOS J PITHIS. (Pithos) (Greece). Steamship. 4537 tons.(Bt Glasgow 1908). (ex Baron Minto). 385'x 51'x 26'ft. On side of St Ann's Head. 51.40.47.N. 05.10.16.W. 51.40.8.N. 05.10.26.W. From Rosario to Sharpness loaded with grain. Rocky seabed. Broken up. Owned by Hart & Davey. Beware strong rip currents.

1940 February 3rd BELPARIEL. (Norwegian). Heavy lift Salvage Ship. Caldey Island. Drinkem Bay. Stranded,refloated 20/4.

1940 February 26th IDA. (Holland). Motor Vessel. Off St. David's Head. Sank after hitting submerged object.

1940 August 18th VALERIA. Trawler. Off Smalls. Bombed by the Luftwaffe and sank.

1940 August 22nd THOROLD. (Newcastle). (Bt Canada 1922). Steamship. 2 miles South of Smalls Lighthouse. Outward bound for London with coal. Bombed by 3 German aircraft.

1940 October 9th ALDERNEY QUEEN. (London). Motor Vessel. Off Grassholm Island./Skokholm. Bombed and machine-gunned by Luftwaffe

1940 November 3rd Van De Weyden. Motor Vessel. Milford Haven.

1940 November 11th ARDMORE. (Bt Killiney 1918). Cargo Steamship. Irish Sea. Departed Cork for North Pemb's. Believed sunk by enemy action.

1940 November 21st DAKOTIAN. (Liverpool). (Bt Glasgow 1922). Merchant Ship. 6426 tons. 400'x 52' x 35ft. Dale Roads. 51.42.12.N. 05.08.19.W. Sunk by German parachute mine. Anchored laden with tinplate and general cargo. Lies in two (2) pieces + . Wreck 200 metres niorth of bouy. Salvage has taken place. Average depth 12 metres. Flat mud sea bed. Chart 2878; OS 157. Owners Seaslave Morriac. PROTECTED WRECK Conservation Area.

1940 November 22nd PIKEPOOL. Ropner Steamship. 3683 tons. 23 miles E.S.E. Smalls. Off Linney Head. Sunk by mine.

1940 November 24th BEHAR. Coastal Steamship. 6100 tons. Beached Milford Haven./South of Great Castle Head. 51.42.29.N 05.06.58.W. Holed by mine and beached. Part raised for scrap. Blasrted. 15-20 metres. Height of wreck 10 metres. Lies on snad and rock. Large amounts of cable. Owners Pembroke Underwater Search and Survey. Chart 2878 & 3272; OS 157. WAR GRAVE.

1940 November 24th PRESERVER Motor Salvage Vessel. 630 tons. South side of Milford Haven. Sunk by mine.

1940 December 6th HELENE. (Belgian) Motor Coaster. St. Ann's Head.

1941 January 27th. BEEMSTERDYK. Cargo Steamship. 12 miles off Smalls. Glasgow for Cardiff in Ballast. Struck mine, explosion ripped thru starboard side.

1941 February 3rd M.G.B. 12. Motor Gun Boat. Royal Navy. Milford Haven. Mined in Haven.

1941 March 3rd. PORT TOWNSVILLE. Motor Vessel. Off St David's Head. Bombed and set on fire North of St. David's Head.

1941 March 12/13th EMPIRE FROST. Cargo/Liner Sreamship. 8 miles off Smalls. Attacked and bombed.

1941 March 21st. LONDON II. Steamer. 18 miles S.S.E. of Caldey Island. Bombed by enemy aircraft. Sank.

1941 March 21st. MILLISLE. Coaster. 12 miles off Caldey Island. Bombed and sank by enemy aircraft.

1941 March 22nd. ST. FINTAN. Coaster. 495 tons. 7 miles N.W. of Smalls. Bombed and sank by enemy aircraft.

1941 March 26/27th FARADAY. (London). (Bt 1874). Steam cable ship. 2934 tons. 360'x 52'x 35'ft. Hoopers Point. South of Marloes Sands. 51.42.40.N. 05.12.12.W. Falmouth to Milford laden with3870 tons of submarine cable. Bombed. Salvaged 90 miles of submarine cable.

1941 March 27th MEG MERRILIES. Steamship. Off St. Govan's Light Vessel. Sunk by enemy aircraft.

1941 July 5th. FOWEY ROSE. 20 miles S.W. of St. Govan's Head. Bombed and sank by the Luftwaffa.

1941 April 1st HIDLEFJORD. Motor Vessel. Off Smalls. Bombed and Lost.

1941 April 1st. SAN CONRADO. Motor Vessel. Off Smalls. Bombed and lost.

1941 April 28th. JOHANNA CAROLINE. (Caroline.??). (Dutch). Steam Trawler. 253 tons.Temporary Minesweeper. Milford Haven. Lies due WEST of DAKOTIAN. 51.41.27.N. 05.08.9W. Whilst sweeping in70'ft of water, exploded mine under vessel. Vessel sank. Charted depth 25-30 mteres. OS 157 Chart 2878-3274. Lies on sand in two sections.

1941 May 4th. PINK ROSE. Steamship. West of Bishops.

1941 May 9th. (June?) TANKERTON TOWERS. Trawler Off St. Govan's Light Vessel. Bombed by enemy aircraft.

1941 May 18th BEGERIN. Motor vessel. Off South Bishop. Bombed by Luftwaffe.

1941 June 7th. EXAMINATION VESSEL No 10. Motor Vessel. 280 tons. Off St. Ann's Head./Milford Haven. Mined off port entrance.

1941 June 11th BARON CARNEGIE. (London). Cargo Ship. Off Strumble Head. In convoy from Swansea to the Gold Coast in ballast. Bombed.

1941 June 13th. ST. PATRICK. Ferry Vessel. 12 miles off Strumble Head. Rosslare for North Pemb's. Bombed by Luftwaffe. Sank.

1941 June 31st MINICOY. Motor Ferry Vessel. St. Ann's Head.

1941 July 6th. WESTFIELD. Trawler. Off St. Govan's Head. Bombed and sank by Luftwaffa.

1941 July 24th. MATRONNA Steamship. Milford Haven.

1941 July 25th. Pilot No 10. Motor Vessel. Dale Point.

1941 September 7th EMPIRE GUNNER. Steamship. 12 miles N.W. of Strumble Head. Bombed and sunk by Luftwaffa.

1941 September 15th DARU. Motor Vessel. 15 miles N.W. of Smalls. Bombed and sank by Luftwaffa.

1942 January 27th H.M.S. EVELINE. (Dutch). Trawler Mine-sweeper. Off St. Ann's Head./Milford Haven. Collision off the port.

1942 March 14th BRYNYMOR. Steamship. N. of Bishops.

1942 April 5th EMPIRE BEACON. Motor Vessel. 6 miles off St. Ann's Head.

1943 January 1st EMPIRE PANTHER. 8 miles off Strumble Head. From New York to Cardiff. Sank after hitting mine.

1943 March 13th MORAY. (Bt 1981). Trawler.Used as Victualling store ship. Off St. Ann's Head. Foundered. Early '40's hired to Admiralty as danlayer.

1943 April 25th L.C.G. 15 Motor Vessel (Landing Craft.). Off St. Ann's Head./Sheep Island. [ and Fresh'west]. Belfast to Falmouth. Forced in by gales. 2 x 4.7"guns + twin Oerlikons. WAR GRAVE.

1943 April 26th. L.C.G. 16. Motor Vessel (Landing Craft.). Off St. Ann's Head./Sheep Island. Belfast to Falmouth. Forced in by gales. WAR GRAVE.

1943 August 20th ATHELDUCHESS. (Liverpool). Tanker. 8940 tons. [In Convoy]. Off Smalls.Nr Lighthouse. Stranded on Southern rock of Smalls Tanker broke her back. Stern section salvaged. Bow section Sank. Rebuilt. Convoy from Swansea to New York in ballast.

1943 September 10th CRIMSON RAMBLER. (Caldey). (Bt Looe 1915). Motor tender. 19 tons. 44'ft long. Eel Point, Caldey Island. Saved on 23/8/41. Broke away. Grounded.

1943 December 18th THOR. (Dutch). Motor Coaster. Off St. Ann's Head./Milford Haven. Running for shelter in SW.gale. Overwhelmed by following sea. Sank.

1944 June 8th. ARTEMUS WARD. Steamship. Angle Bay.

1944 December 3rd COLLIER P.L.M. 21. Steamship. Admiralty hire. Off St. Ann's Head./Milford Haven.

1944 December 10th DAN BEARD. (San Francisco). (Bt Calif.1943). Liberty Ship. 7176 tons. 423'x 57'ft Bow drifted and sank under Pwllderi Cliff. 51.59.37.N. 05.04.52.W. Torpedoed by U.1202.7 miles W. of Strumble Head. Broke in two. Stern sank.

1945 January 9th. JONAS LIE. (American). Steamer. Off Grassholm Island. Torpedoed off Island. Crew rescued by Scilly L.B.

1945 February 28th NORFOLF COAST. Motor vessel. 7 miles off South Bishop. Torpedoed by enemy U-Boat U-1302.

1945 March 2nd. NOVASLI. Steamship. North of Smalls.

1945 March 2nd. KING EDGAR. Steamship. 5536 tons. 20 miles N.W. of St.David's Head/ West of Bishops. Torpedoed by U-1302.

1945 March 7th U. 1302. Submarine. 25 miles N.W. of St. David's Head.

1945 March 28th. ANTONIO. Merchant ship. 5225 tons. 5 miles off St. Ann's Head. Damaged in collision with Fort Moose (Cargo) of Heads. Stayed afloat for 3 days.

1945 July 19th. WALTER L. M. RUSS. (Hamburg). Steamship. 1538 tons Grassholm Island. Western Side, 50 yards from western end of Island. Former German Steamer. Crew from South Shields.

1945 October 7th JUTA. (Glasgow). Steamship. 1550 tons. 2 miles south of Caldey Island. Holed off St. Govan's Head. Homeward bound from Rouen to Glasgow in ballast.

1946 March 27th. NICOLAOU (Nicollau) VIRGINIA. (Greek). Steamship. 6869 tons. Flimstone Head. 51.36.18.N. 05.01.30.W. Abandoned on the30th. Cargo 9000 tons of wheat. Ran ashore in fog. OS. Ref 158. Chart 1478. Adjacent to further wreck 200 metres seaward. Under 200 Ft cliffs. Owners Salavge Assocation. Sea bed sand, rock and kelp.

1946 November 21st ALBANY. Steamship. St. Bride's Bay.

1949 October 21st. CYDONIA. (London). Steamer. Beached East Angle Bay. Hit mine 30 miles North of Strumble.

1952 August 17th ENCHANTRESS Cabin Cruiser 48'ft. Near St. Govan's Head. Ran onto rocks in darkness and was smashed.

1953 September 21st ST. GOVAN"S LIGHTVESSEL. Lightship. Off St. Govan's Head. Lightship remained afloat but was seriously damaged with the lost of equipment and plates.

1954 July 28th. PROGRESS. (Bideford). (HULK). Ketch. Beached East Angle Bay. Regularly sailed to Newfoundland. Timbers remain at East Angle. towed in for repairs 1954 enroute for Canary's.

1954 November 27/28t GRAMSBERGEN. (Rotterdam). (Bt 1954). Coastal Cargo Vs. 498 tons. Fishguard Bay. Below Penrhyn Cliff. 52.00.31.N. 04.56.18.W. Cumberland to Swansea in ballast. Broke from anchor and drifted. Between Dinas Head and Lower Fisguard.

1954 November 27th. WORLD CONCORD. (Aristotle Onassis) Tanker. 653 feet. Off North Pembrokeshire/Irish Sea. Enroute Liverpool to Syria. Empty. Hull was torn apart aft of middle bridge. Salvaged, rebuilt, renamed.

1954 November 29th LADY SHIELA. Motor Vessel. S.E. of Caldey.

1954 November 30th ABILITY. Coaster. Scotch Bay, Milford Haven. Blown onto rocks.

1956 November 8th NOTRE DAME DE FATIMA. (French). Motor Fishing Vessel. Near Smalls./Off Skokholm, 4.5 miles. Crew (8) taken off by lifeboat. RNLI member lost life.

1957 September 6th PAULINE ELIZABETH. Barge. Thorne Point.

1958 September 10th CONCHA. Motor Vessel. ?? miles off St. Ann's Head.

1960 July 9th. ESSO PORTSMOUTH Tanker. Milford Haven.

1961 June 25th. ETROG. (Israeli). Cargo Ship. Beached Dale. Damaged by fire 13 miles off Smalls. At Dale hole cut in hull to fight fire in the hold.

1961 September 10th ILIAD. Sailing Boat. Monkstone Point. Wrecked......

1961 LOLLIPOP. (Caldey). Caldey Island.

1961 November 25th ST. KILDA. (Glasgow). Motor Vessel. 4 miles off Caldey. Glasgow to Port Talbot laden with steel coils.

1961 December 10th. WIEMA. (Dutch). Motor Vessel. Off Porthlysgi. about five miles south west by west. Cargo shifted in heavy gale.

1964 March 14/20th H.M.S. BARKING. Steamship. Boom defence vessel. Mill Bay. North side of bay. Broken up/part removed 1974. Being towed to Thos Ward breakers yard Briton Ferry.Broke away and drifted on SE wind into Mill Bay.

1967 February 14th LUCY. (Delfzijl,Holland).(Bt Westerbroek '64) Coaster. 450 tons. 168'x 28'ft. Off North Haven, Skomer. 51.44.27.N. 05.16.33.W. 51.44.26.N. 05.16.34.W, Barry to Norway (Uddevalls). Carrying Calcium Carbide ran aground on Cable Rock. Jack Sound. Crew removed. Vessel refloated herself and sunk approx 1.5 miles west. Strong currents. Lies on sand. 130’ x 40’. Lies upright. Depth 30 metres. Chart ref 2878.

1967 March 1st. LUMINENCE. Steamship. 558 tons. Coaster. Off Smalls. Hit submerged rock off Smalls, listed, and sank.

1967 October 10th PEMBROKE MALLARD. Barge. Neyland.

1968 April 15th. WILLIAM RHODES MOORHOUSE. (Cardigan). Ex Naval MFV. Fishguard Bay. Within 3 miles (sight) of Harbour. Cardigan fishing grounds.

1969 December 14th. METRIC. (Germany). Motor ship. Off Strumble Head.

1972 December 18th DOWEN. Off Strumble Head.

1973 August 5th. DONA MARIKA. (Liberian). Tanker. 11000 tons. Milford Haven Grounded near St. Ishmaels. Major damage to starboard side. Refloated on November tide.

1974 October. JADESTAR GYPSY Trawler. Milford Haven.

1974 December 19th ATTACKER. Motor Vessel. 60'feet Newgale. Double diagonal mahogany]. Parted from Tug taking her to Milford Haven. Attacker driven up onto pebble ridge Newgale, where she broke up.

1977 March 27th EL TAMBO. (Panamanian). Cargo Vessel 2500 tons. Fishguard Bay. Towed in after fire. Anchored >1 mile offshore. Northern Ireland to Tripoli with livestock. Cut up in 1980, removed

1978 October 12th CHRISTOS BITAS. [Greek Tanker] Tanker. 58,000 tons. Hats and Barrels. Cleared Smalls, grounded on landward side on reef. Kept afloat. Oil Pumped off. Vessel sunk deep water south of Ireland.

1979 January 26/28th BALHOLM. (Formally Norwegian). Motor Ferry Vessel. 240 tons. Off Linney Head./Crow Rock. Now believed and reported to the rear of Caldey Island. With fuel problems, anchored1/2 mile off Crow Rock. 5 days later vessel had disappeared. Enroute for Ireland. A life-jacket was found at Lydstep, 15 miles east. Believed found of Manobier/Caldy.

1980 December 3rd BOY TOBY. Motor Fishing Vessel. St. Govan's Lightship.

1981 October 20th FAIRWEATHER. Motor Fishing Vessel. Ramsey Sound.

1981 October 28th VERNICOS ALEXIA. (Liverpool). Tug. (ex Formby, ex Weather Cock). St. Bride's Bay. One mile west of Solva Towing Georgos and Barbara IV, fouled towline. Anchors failed to hold.

1981 October 28th VERNI COS BARBARA IV. (Liverpool). Tug. (ex Collingwood, ex Heath Cock). St. Bride's Bay. One mile west of Solva. Under tow of Vernicos Alexia, tow fouled prop/steering.

1981 October 28th. VERNICOS GEORGOS. (Liverpool). Tug. (ex Canada, ex Peacock). St. Bride's Bay. One mile west of Solva Under tow of Vernicos Alexia, tow fouled prop/steering.

1985 BRIDGENESS. Hats and Barrels Reef.

ST. GEORGE. Paddle Steamer. Porthlysgi. 51.51.45.N. 05.18.01.W.

WHITEPLAIN Steamship. Off Porthlysgi Bay.

BERTHA GRACE. (HULK). Sailing trader Beached Pembroke Dock.

SELA. (HULK). Brigantine. (Bt Prince Edward Island1859). Neyland Beach.

ROSIE. (Bt Appledore 1885). (HULK). Schooner. Ended her days at Milford Haven. Refitted as an auxiliary Ketch in1912.

MARY JANE LEWIS. (Bt Pembroke Dock). (HULK). Schooner. Beached East Angle Bay.